Marketing Profile

Marketing Profile
Marketing Activities for Health & Wellness Expo 2024 Strategic Promotion Across Multiple Channels To ensure maximum visibility and engagement, the Health & Wellness Expo 2024 will be promoted through a multi-channel marketing strategy. Our campaign includes targeted digital advertising, social media promotion, and email marketing campaigns. We will leverage high-traffic platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach a diverse audience of health and wellness enthusiasts. Collaborative Partnerships and Sponsorship Engagement We are partnering with leading brands and influencers in the health and wellness industry to amplify our promotional efforts. These partnerships are designed to create buzz and draw in a crowd that is passionate and proactive about their health. Sponsorships with major industry players will also enhance the expo’s profile and extend its reach into new and untapped markets. Interactive Content and Pre-Event Hype To build excitement leading up to the event, we will release a series of interactive content pieces including webinars, live Q&A sessions with key speakers, and sneak peeks of exhibitor offerings. These activities will not only engage potential attendees but also provide valuable pre-event exposure for our exhibitors and sponsors. Press Releases and Media Outreach Our marketing strategy includes comprehensive media outreach to ensure extensive coverage. Press releases will be distributed to major news outlets, industry-specific journals, and bloggers who cater to health and wellness audiences. We aim to secure coverage that highlights the unique aspects of our expo and encourages media attendance and reporting at the event. Localized Marketing Efforts To attract a local audience, we will engage in community-based marketing efforts including outdoor advertising, local radio spots, and community event participation. These efforts will be complemented by partnerships with local health clubs, spas, and wellness centers to promote the event to their clientele. VIP and Influencer Invitations Special invitations will be sent to VIPs and influencers within the wellness industry. These guests will be encouraged to share their experiences at the expo on their social media platforms, thus providing further organic reach and credibility to the event. Post-Event Follow-Up After the expo, our marketing activities will continue with a follow-up campaign that includes thank you emails, surveys for feedback, and teasers for future events. This not only helps in maintaining engagement with this year’s participants but also in building a loyal audience for upcoming expos.
  • 360 Promotion campaigns
  • Digital & Outdoor Medium
  • Direct Promotions on Whatsapp
  • Advertisement in Leading Newspaper
  • Direct invite to buyers
  • Bloggers & Influential Marketing